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Victoria, BC: Tea and Bugs

Posted by wrldtrvlgrl on 21 October, 2009

My new friend

My new friend at the Bug Zoo, Victoria, BC

If you like finding the unexpected when you travel then you will be thrilled to find the Bug Zoo in downtown Victoria, BC. After your high tea at the historic Empress Hotel, walk around the corner (no, seriously, just around the corner) and enter the tiny Bug Zoo. You can’t miss the signs. The front door is located on Courtney (631 Courtney Street) but you can get to it through a maze of shops starting on Douglas.

It doesn’t seem like much when you first arrive. We thought it was just another shop. After you pay the fee, you enter the back room filled with glass containers housing everything from scorpions to tarantulas. They have guided tours one after the other so you can usually walk in and listen and pick up what you missed on the next go-round. And the best part is that they let you hold them! Yes, that’s me with a tarantula. I also held a scorpion, a millipede, and a few other creatures that I can’t remember. It was fascinating to handle something considered so frightening and for it to sit still in my hands while I looked at it from all angles. The guides are full of interesting tidbits about each of the bugs – you will find yourself leaving with a little more knowledge of the creepy-crawlies than you ever cared to know.

I’ve been to Victoria many times but usually stuck to the shops on and around Government. First to Murchies for tea, then next door to Munro’s Books to flip through Canadian lit. I can be such a creature of habit when I travel to a familiar city so finding the Bug Zoo added a new love for this capital BC town. How great that you can have high tea and then a couple of hours later you’re petting a tarantula. The unexpected in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Petting the Scoripon at the Bug Zoo

Petting the Scoripon at the Bug Zoo


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